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Heading for a new business venture?

Save up to 85% on international phone calls with a HelloSIM card.

Doing business in another country takes a lot of work. Important phone calls, careful planning and meeting deadlines are important for your business. We know how important good communication is to make it all work. This is why we are here.

We are a japanese company with technical support in Europe, so you can be sure that your calls will always have the highest quality.

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Rates Calculator in EURO:

*Calls are billed on a per minute basis.
In European Union per 30 sec.

*SMS inside EU and from SIMmenu only for 0.08 euro.

All data sessions will be charged in 10KB increments.

Excellent service for your business needs:

HelloSim card can significantly save on roaming abroad - saving up to 85% compared to your usual fare provider.

Satisfaction Guaranteed rates HelloSim, because we have special prices for popular tourist countries.

Convenient and fast delivery sim card to any address in India.

There are no hidden fees and no monthly fees.

Maintaining the balance within six months of inactivity.

Enjoy professional service support from Europe during your travels. We make sure that your call service quality will always be of the highest standard when using HelloSIM.

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Exclusive of all taxes, 14% service tax extra
  • Small package

    Card: 1500 INR

    • 1 × HelloSim™ SIM card
    • 800 INR air time
  • Medium package

    Card: 2500 INR

    • 1 × HelloSim™ SIM card
    • 1800 INR air time
  • Large package

    Card: 3500 INR

    • 1 × HelloSim™ SIM card
    • 2800 INR air time
  • XL package

    Card: 5500 INR

    • 1 × HelloSim™ SIM card
    • 4800 INR air time

+ 14% service tax extra

Fee includes:

  • 1 × HelloSim™ SIM card
  • 800 INR air time

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Questions and Answers

How do I make a call?

1.Dial ‘00’ or ‘+’ followed by the country code and telephone number. Press call.

eg. +1 917 20 1234 1234

eg. 00 1 917 20 1234 1234

2. In a few seconds your telephone will ring. Answer as you normally would.
3. You will hear a dial tone, as TravelSim connects your call.
Can I get details of calls?

Yes. Through the "Subscriber’s Personal Office”

I lost my hellosim card. Can I restore it? Will I lose balance?

You can restore the sim-card with maintaining your previous balance and phone number. Contact our support service.

Can I take an incoming call with zero balance?

Yes, in those countries where incoming calls are free, you can take an incoming call with zero balance.

How do I check the balance of hellosim?

To check your SIM-card Balance you must select Menu> SIM Menu> Check Balance.
Your phone automatically sends a request and after a few seconds you will receive
information about the state of your SIM-card balance.
You can also check your balance to make a call to the service number 099.
The balance will be displayed on the screen of your phone.

* Impossible to check your SIM-card balance with code 099 when SMS MODE used.

I forgot my number. How do I know it?
To find the connection number, assigned to you, select Menu> SIM Menu> Show My Numbers and click "OK".
In what currency are charged the telecommunication services?
Telecommunication services are charged in Euros
At what moment charging begins?
Calls charged begins from the moment of connection, i.e.from the moment when the subscriber answered the call.
What is Hellosim Multi User Plan?
Hellosim Multi User Plan is for groups, if you are travelling with some relative or in some group, you can purchase hellosim for each individual. Thus, individuals can stay connected to every member of groups at very low cost at just 0.22 Euro Cents (approx 16 rupees per min) to 0.29 Euro Cents (approx 24.40 rupee per min)
I have some question which is not answered here, Can i speak to someone?
Yes, You can reach to our consultant directly by calling on +91 979 2841061.
What i must know before using the sim card in my mobile?
Please don't use a A 'locked' mobile phone. A 'locked' mobile phone is one that has been restricted by software so that it can only be used with a single network or carrier. not just Hellosim but no other network sim card will work in your locked phone.
There are many other companies' whose offers seem very attractive, how?
Yes, it is true. The market seems full of attractive offers, but the reality is different. There are a lot of unambiguous offers as follows: a) Call @ just 50P per min: wait a second, this is NOT 50 Paise per min. this may be 50 Pence b) Call @ just 5R per min: wait a second, this is NOT 5Rupee per min. this may be 50 Riyal per min c) Call @ just 20 Rupee per min* higher rate will be applied after 30 second or first min. also, a connection fee may be applied. Thus, there may be a lot of Terms and conditions which may be written somewhere in small text or hidden. Our Hellosim has no hidden cost or terms and conditions. We are 100% transparent. There is no fee applied at any level in any name. Our prices are clearly written on our website .You can check call rate before making any call. The system to check call rate is given in Sim menu. Or you can check prices on our website too. Additionally, in case of any problem or complaint our customer is paid attention immediately. We provide interactive support; you can speak to our customer representative on phone and resolution will be given either right away (depends on problem) or as soon as possible (depends on problem). But anyway we’ll stay connected and update you on your query, complaint, or problem, etc.
I need a simcard urgently, How fast can I get my simcard?
Hellosim can provide you your card on same day in New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, and Lucknow. other major locations will be served next day. Rest of the places will take around 2-3 working days. remote area may take even longer time, please contact us for more information. Note: As same day service is under implementation, this service is not guaranteed yet, please call us and confirm before you order.

Hellosim is a Japanese-European company. It has been in operation in Japan since 2006.

After working there successfully for 7 years, the company decided to provide its services alongside Hitmax Industries in India.We are committed to provide high-quality services at reasonable price.

We have a highly skilled technical team who ensure high quality of services and ensure technical support 24X7.

We also have a well-disciplined executive team who ensure quick response to customers in Business days.
Using your Hellosim card you can travel the world (Please refer to list of countries) with your one Hellosim card.

Incoming calls are free on the Hellosim card in most countries and outgoing calls are very economical.

You can save up to 80% than using you regular domestic sim on roaming in Abroad. There is no Roaming on a Hellosim card. All the services like Outgoing Calls, Incoming Calls, SMS, GPRS, VOIP, and some advanced utility features are provided globally on Hellosim card with just one Number and there is no roaming on our sim.

NB: in a few countries Roaming is applied on incoming calls only.

Please feel free to contact us for more details